Sing the Gloaming


A collaboration with Tommy Perman and Simon Kirby for a commission from Sanctuary Lab for a temporary installation at Galloway Dark Sky Park, Scotland, in September 2017


Phonaesthemes are words with paired form and meaning. In the English language, there are many phonaesthemes beginning ‘gl-‘ which relate to light, for example: glimmer, glitter, glow, gleam and gloam.

In ‘Sing the Gloaming’, a collection of sung vocalisations of these ‘light words’ will be recorded onto cassette tape loops. A set of tape decks will be housed in glowing sculptural objects installed across a small area of the Galloway Dark Sky Park. Their spatial arrangement will subtly map the linguistic evolution of light words from the Proto-Indo-European ‘*ghlei-‘.

The loops will repeat through the night, slipping in and out of resonance and rhythm until the tape deck batteries are drained, somewhere around dawn.