Don’t Make a Scene


A fanzine compiled and edited with Bartholomew Owl.

Putting on DIY gigs is rewarding, fun and often important in bringing communities of musicians, artists, writers, photographers and audiences together in spaces removed from the mainstream and in places largely absent from tour itineraries.  However, without inspiration and information from others, it can seem daunting to try and get started.

Don’t Make a Scene responds to this need. A group of DIY promoters, musicians, label heads, tour managers, bookers, sound engineers and gig-goers from across the UK draw from their own experiences to offer advice and resources in the form of articles, interviews, illustrations and photographs.

What results is a diverse, informative and easily digested how-to (and how-not-to) guide for the fledgling promoter.

Don’t Make a Scene was riso printed using soy inks on recycled paper and card by the Footprint Printing Co-op in Leeds.

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Press reports

Interview with Huck Magazine

Guardian Guide on UK DIY music
The List
The DIY Eye
God is in the TV
Unsigned Guide


The contributors to Don’t Make a Scene were largely drawn from people that the zine compilers Rob St. John and Bartholomew Owl (from Edinburgh band eagleowl) have worked with or been inspired by in their collaborative promoting and music making over the last decade.  All profits were split equally between contributors.

Don’t Make a Scene features writing, illustration, visual art and photography by:

Andy Abbott (That Fucking Tank)
Andy Inglis (5000 / The Luminaire)
Bartholomew Owl (eagleowl / The Gentle Invasion)
Cameron Watt (Enfant Bastard)
Chris Tipton (Upset the Rhythm)
Clarissa Cheong (eagleowl)
Craig Coulthard (Randan Discotheque)
Dan Willson (Withered Hand)
David Thomas Broughton
Emily Tracer Trails
Emma Cardwell (Adventures Close to Home)
Fielding Hope (Cry Parrot / Cafe Oto)
John Egdell (fakeindielabel)
Johnny Lynch (Lost Map / The Pictish Trail)
Kate Lazda (Lost Map / Kid Canaveral)
Lisa Brook (Headfall / DJ Cupcake)
Lizzy Stewart
Malcolm Benzie (eagleowl / Papi Falso)
Marie Tippex (Julie Tippex)
Mark Andrew Hamilton (Woodpigeon)
Matt Pattinson
Matthew Young (Song, by Toad)
Narbi Price (fakeindielabel)
Neil Cammock
Nick Herd (Braw Gigs)
Ned Was ist Das?
Rob St. John
Sarah Tanat-Jones and Richard Greenan (Kit Records)
Sofia Hagberg (Sam and Sofia / End of the Road)
Steve Brett (Stitch Stitch Records)
Tim Matthew
Tommy Perman